IT Support

Getting the support you need when it comes to IT services means having a dedicated team of specialists who cover a broad range of practices. Having that kind of team in-house means finding an office space for them, fitting them into the budget and training them to be the best they can be. Many companies out there have no way of accommodating all three of those aspects, let alone one.

At Real Consulting, we think that every business deserves the opportunity to have exceptional IT support for both their employees and their clients. We can guide you in the right direction when it comes to building your team of IT support specialists, or recommend just the right software you need in order to keep your systems and networks up and running.

We’ve amassed a team of IT gurus who have worked in the field for years and now want to lend a helping hand to companies like yours who need a push in the right direction. Their knowledge is invaluable to your company, and they are dedicated to your success in every way. They specialize in help desk services while continuing to hone their skills as technicians, generalists, managers and advisers in order to give you the advice that is going to put your company above your competitors. Put your faith in us when it comes to the support you need to sustain your company.


  • Expert consultants who are there to help

  • An extensive IT background

  • A genuine interest in how your company works

  • Guidance based on your company’s background

How We Work For You

The big problem with outsourcing a department as specialized as IT support is ensuring that you have the right people for the right job. You never know when you’re going to need specialized support, or when you’re going to need the right person to come along and save all of your data from imminent loss.

You don’t have to worry about any of that at Real Consulting. We know that every company is different, and therefore all of our employees on staff have intricate specialties to ensure that you never get stuck in a bind. Your employees will thank you when they need data recovery, software or hardware troubleshooting or just a helping hand with a task that seems impossible.

The IT success of our clients means success for us. We are passionate about creating an open and flexible environment when it comes to solving IT issues and resolving troublesome issues. Trust Real Consulting to handle your most pressing IT support issues.

How We Do It

Constant communication with you and your team
We don’t do anything without input from you and your team beforehand. It’s impossible for us to do a good job of consulting your team without knowing any of the things they want to see implemented in your company.
Expert knowledge in all areas of information technology
Our professional consultants have spent their previous careers working in various fields under the over-arching IT umbrella. That’s how we can be absolutely sure that you are getting the best advice in the business.
A deep understanding of how your company operates
We truly like to do our due diligence, and find it one of the most rewarding parts of our job. Learning about the companies we help gives us a more in-depth picture of just how our advice with help further their businesses.

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Other Services

  • Eliminate the frustrations associated with networking and office connectivity by leveraging our expertise. We’ll connect you with the reliable hardware that you need to minimise downtime.

  • We assess the current and future needs of your business in order to help you take advantage of web hosting solutions that are as flexible or fixed as your digital content requires.

  • We’ll recommend a variety of powerful, specialised software for all of your departments in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of your current day-to-day operations.

  • Our consultants will offer you the skills and knowledge you need to effectively monitor and manage your employees. This will accelerate workflows and increase revenue by allowing them to take on more projects.

  • Offer your customers reliable and helpful call centre services that are accessible both online and over the phone, regardless of whether your team will be outsourced or located in-house.

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