Managing the hosting responsibilities of your business can become increasingly complicated the longer that you’re in operation. Your needs, resource allocation, and required bandwidth all might change. That’s why we offer our clients the information about a variety of solutions that account for their current and future plans.

Is your business just getting off the ground? Then you might find that a shared or managed server might be right for you. These are both convenient options for hosting your web presence since they require little maintenance or technological savvy on your part. This allows you to focus your online efforts where they matter—delivering engaging content to increase traffic.

However, if you’re looking for a more flexible solution that can account for future growth forecasts, then you might find dedicated servers to be a more appropriate choice. This option is more dependable, secure, and also allows for an improved browsing experience by offering you increased bandwidth to accommodate more traffic. However, they do require that you play a more active role in maintaining and troubleshooting the necessary hardware.

The considerations you’ll need to make are endless. Thankfully, taking advantage of our consulting services will ensure that you can leave all of these headaches to us.


  • Assessment of your requirements

  • Advice for managed and unmanaged servers

  • In-depth knowledge of cloud hosting

  • Information about shared and dedicated servers

Take Advantage Of The Cloud

One of the greatest innovations in modern computing has been cloud implementation, which allows online data to be reliably and securely hosted off-site.

While dedicated servers can offer quick loading times, their physical location can greatly affect their performance. Potential consumers located in countries far from your servers could experience delays in the processing of their requests, which can result in reduced traffic, user engagement, and a thinner bottom line.

Cloud hosting, by contrast, works quickly and independently of its location due to its multi-server set up. The lack of a single point of failure also results in this option featuring increased security since all of your critical information is routinely backed up.

Our team prides itself on the accurate, in-depth knowledge that they can provide for our customers. Whether you’re looking for the highest performing, latest technologies or just want to take advantage of increased server uptime, we’ll give you the right information to make informed decisions.

How We Do It

In-Depth Consultations That Account For Your Current — And Future — Plans
We pride ourselves on the tailored advice that we give each and every one of our clients. Every business has certain features and functions that they prioritise, and our solutions will always take these preferences into account.
A Team Of Experts To Point You In The Right Direction
The team behind Real Consulting has experienced the pros and cons of all of the popular hosting solutions. This extensive knowledge of each option means that when we give you a piece of advice, you can always trust that it’s right.
An Emphasis On Emerging Technologies
We believe that customers should never have to settle with out-dated infrastructure. Our team stays up to-date with all of the cutting-edge services and platforms to ensure that businesses are getting the performance that they—and their customers—deserve.

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Other Services

  • Eliminate the frustrations associated with networking and office connectivity by leveraging our expertise. We’ll connect you with the reliable hardware that you need to minimise downtime.

  • Are you experiencing difficulties with your existing infrastructure? We can suggest the perfect software to overcome these technological barriers and keep your systems up and running.

  • We’ll recommend a variety of powerful, specialised software for all of your departments in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of your current day-to-day operations.

  • Our consultants will offer you the skills and knowledge you need to effectively monitor and manage your employees. This will accelerate workflows and increase revenue by allowing them to take on more projects.

  • Offer your customers reliable and helpful call centre services that are accessible both online and over the phone, regardless of whether your team will be outsourced or located in-house.

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